Catholic registered and participating at Seven Dolors or St. Thomas More

                                      Grades K-5                        Grades 6-8

10 Months                $317.50                             $347.50
Quarterly                   $793.75                            $868.75
Semi-annually      $1,587.50                         $1,737.50
Annually                  $3,175.00                         $3,475.00

Catholic not registered at either of above two parishes

                                      Grades K-5                     Grades 6-8

10 Months                 $369.50                           $409.50
Quarterly                   $923.75                        $1,023.75
Semi-annually      $1,847.50                       $2,047.50
Annually                  $3,695.00                       $4,095.00 


                                  Grades K-5                          Grades 6-8

10 Months                 $426.50                             $456.50
Quarterly                $1,066.25                         $1,141.25
Semi-annually      $2,132.50                         $2,282.50
Annually                  $4,265.00                         $4,565.00

Full tuition applies for the two oldest children and $680 per additional child enrolled. 


Pre-Kindergarten/Preschool Tuition (no Childcare)                

2-Day (3 year-olds) $130/month
3-Day (4 year-olds) $190/month
5-Day (4 year-olds) $240/month

5-Day Childcare with Preschool Classes

2:42 pm  Pickup Time:  $630/month

5:30 pm Pickup Time:  $775/month


Childcare Director will determine availability and cost for childcare on non-school days per KDHE regulations. 

Drop-In Care (available 715 am-11:30 am/11:30 am-2:30 pm/2:43 pm-5:30 pm):  $25/session   Must be approved by Childcare Director

After School Program

(K-5th grade from the end of school until 5:30pm)
ASP fees are no longer prorated for the months of August, December, and March. This has already been calculated in the monthly fees.


Fees for all students

Annual Books/Classroom Materials/Technology Fee: $200.00
(Technology fees are for diagnostic testing software of students to monitor their progress. This fee also includes a MCS yearbook for grades PreK-8.)

PTO Dues: $10.00 per family

 Payment Options

Plan A: Yearly (August)
Plan B: Semi-annually (August, January)
Plan C: Quarterly (August, November, February, and May)
Plan D: 10 Months (August-May)
All Tuition Payments are due on or before the 20th of the month as listed above

  MCS Tuition 19-20 2 6 19.pdf 



Manhattan Catholic Schools has contracted TADS to determine financial aid awards to those families that apply for tuition scholarship.  Applications are made online with TADS and financial information requested will be sent to them.  When all information is complete, they will calculate the scholarship awards and notify recipients.  You will have access to TADS with login information to follow the process.  TADS will start accepting applications online starting February 28, 2020 until the April 24, 2020.  When all applications are completed and calculations made by TADS, they will send families notification of aid we can give.  They have supplied a worksheet to use but this will never be sent to TADS and is for your use only.  Select the application tab to send completed information to TADS. 

MCS has a benefactor for financial aid.  However the amount cannot meet the needs of all of our families.  Thus, no family can receive more than 50% of the cost of tuition for their family.  Other fees must be paid for by the family.   MCS pays an annual cost for the program.  The application fee for families is $42.  Thank you for understanding the change in our process.



Click here to apply at tads.comHaga click aquí para solicitar a

Click here to apply at  Haga click aqui para la hoja de trabajo