Medical Forms for Sports Only

KSHSAA Physical Evaluation Form, KSHSAA Sports Physical 2024 2025.pdf 

KSHSAA Concussion Guidelines,  KSHSAAConcussionGuidelines.pdf 

KSHSAA Parent-Student Concussion Signoff Form,  KSHSAA Concussion Form 2024 2025.pdf

Hand Hygiene

Fun Fact:  Alcohol-based sanitizers are NOT the primary recommendation for community settings, including schools.  The CDC guidelines for hand washing "at home, at play and out and about" center around washing hands with SOAP and WATER whenever available.  This helps prevent the spread of gastrointestinal and respiratory illnesses.  Those who work in health care are instructed to use alcohol-based hand sanitizers due to the the nature of the germs they encounter.  (School Nursing, A Comprehensive Text. (2019), 15, pg. 314

Whenever possible, use SOAP and WATER but if nothing else is available use an alcohol-based sanitizer.