About the Council

The Council of Education is an organization comprised of members from Seven Dolors and St. Thomas More Parishes. This advisory council aids the two pastors and the MCS principal in setting policy and procedures for the school. The council leads various committees that helps the principal maintain the mission and vision of Manhattan Catholic Schools.  Committees add expertise in finance, law, marketing, development, and education. Their insights help develop long-range plans for capital improvements and sustainability of the future of Manhattan Catholic Schools.

The Council of Education typically meets on the 4th Tuesday of every month starting at 6 p.m. in the elementary gym. Check the school calendar for specific dates. Meetings are open to the public to observe. 

  COE Agenda-Packet for July 2017

 COE Agenda-Packet for August 2017  

  COE Agenda-Packet for September 2017

 COE Agenda-Packet for October 2017 

 COE Agenda-Packet for November 2017 

 COE Agenda-Packet for January 2018 

 COE Agenda-Packet for Feb 2018

 COE Agenda-Packet for March 2018

 COE Agenda-Packet for May 2018

 COE Agenda-Packet for July 2018 

 COE Agenda-Packet for August 2018.

 COE Agenda-Packet for Sept 2018 

 COE Agenda-Packet for Oct 2018 

 COE Agenda-Packet for Nov 2018.docx 

COE Agenda-Packet for Jan 2019.docx





COE Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Individuals who want to direct questions or comments to the MCS COE should send those messages to the principal for distribution to the COE.

Previous Meeting Agendas and Minutes

 COE Board Meeting Minutes 2 27 2024.pdf 

 COE Board Meeting Minutes 11 28 2023.pdf 

COE Board Meeting Minutes 8 29 2023.pdf 

 MCS COE Meeting Minutes 6 26 2023.pdf 

 MCS COE Meeting Minutes 5 23 2023.pdf 

 COE Board Meeting Minutes 4 25 2023 

 COE Board Meeting Minutes 3 28 2023

COE Board Meeting Minutes 2.28.2023

COE Board Meeting Minutes 10 25 2022 

COE Board Meeting Minutes Sept 27 2022

 COE Agenda-Packet for September 2022

COE Agenda-Packet for July 2022

 COE Board Meeting Minutes Apr 26 2022 

 COE Board Meeting Minutes Feb 22, 2022

 COE Agenda-Packet for January 25 2022

 COE Minutes 111621

 COE Agenda-Packet for November 2021

COE Board Meeting Special Minutes November 2021

 COE Board Meeting Minutes October 2021

 COE Agenda-Packet for October 2021 

 COE Board Meeting Minutes September 2021

 COE Agenda-Packet for September 2021

 COE Board Meeting Minutes August 2021

 COE Board Meeting Minutes July 2021

 Agenda-6-2021  Agenda-Packet for Reorganization Meeting June 21

No meeting in May 2021

 MCS Organizational Chart  as of 11-14-2020

Agenda- 4- 2021

Agenda- 3 - 2021.

Agenda 2-22-21 

Agenda 11-17-20

Agenda 10-27-20 

Agenda 9-22-20

 Agenda 6-23-20


Board Meeting Minutes 3-2021

Board Meeting Minutes 10-27-20 

Board Meeting Minutes 8-25-20

21-22 Budget Overview for COE 

 Board Meeting Minutes 7-28-20