Required Records for Admission

  1. Proof of immunizations. Either a shot record or completed Kansas Certificate of Immunization (KCI green form) is necessary. Requirements can be found at (For the 2018-19 school year, no exceptions to these requirements can be permitted for religious purposes .)

  2. A physical examination performed within the 12 months prior to entering completes the required medical procedures for newly entering students. Parents may also choose to include hearing and vision screenings

  3. A state issued Birth Certificate

  4. Baptismal certificate (for Catholic students)

Tuition & Financial Aid

Manhattan Catholic Schools has contracted TADS to determine financial aid awards to those families that apply for tuition scholarship.  Applications are made online with TADS and financial information requested will be sent to them.  When all information is complete, they will calculate the scholarship awards and notify recipients.  You will have access to TADS with login information to follow the process.  TADS will start accepting applications online starting February 1, 2018 until the April 27, 2018.  When all applications are completed and calculations made by TADS, they will send families notification of aid we can give.  They have supplied a worksheet to use but this will never be sent to TADS and is for your use only.  Select the application tab to send completed information to TADS. 

MCS has a benefactor for financial aid.  However the amount cannot meet the needs of all of our families.  Thus, no family can receive more than 50% of the cost of tuition for their family.  Other fees must be paid for by the family.   MCS pays an annual cost for the program.  The application fee for families is $42.  Thank you for understanding the change in our process.


Click here to apply at tads.comHaga click aquí para solicitar a

Click here to apply at  Haga click aqui para la hoja de trabajo

 Tuition Rates 2018-19.docx 

 Tuition Rates-PreK Childcare 2018-19.docx 

 Tuition Rates

Catholic registered and participating at Seven Dolors or St. Thomas More

        Grades K-5                        Grades 6-8

10 Months                $307.50                             $337.50
Quarterly                   $768.75                            $873.75
Semi-annually      $1,537.50                         $1,687.50
Annually                  $3,075.00                         $3,375.00

Catholic not registered at either of above two parishes

   Grades K-5                     Grades 6-8

10 Months                 $359.50                           $399.50
Quarterly                   $898.75                           $998.75
Semi-annually      $1,797.50                       $1,997.50
Annually                  $3,595.00                       $3,995.00



       Grades K-5                          Grades 6-8

10 Months                 $416.50                             $446.50
Quarterly                 $1041.25                         $1,116.25
Semi-annually      $2,082.50                         $2,232.50
Annually                  $4,165.00                         $4,465.00

Full tuition applies for the two oldest children and $680 per additional child enrolled.


Pre-Kindergarten/Preschool Tuition (no Childcare)                

2-Day (3 year-olds) $130/month
3-Day (4 year-olds) $190/month
5-Day (4 year-olds) $240/month

Pre-Kindergarten/Preschool + Child Care (2:43 p.m. Pickup)  • Includes snacks & lunch. Childcare cost is for school days only.

2-Day (3 year-olds) $310/month
3-Day (4 year-olds) $460/month
5-Day (4 year-olds) $590/month

Pre-Kindergarten/Preschool + Child Care (5:30 p.m. Pickup)   • Includes snacks & lunch. Childcare cost is for school days only.

2-Day (3 year-olds) $400/month
3-Day (4 year-olds) $595/month
5-Day (4 year-olds) $775/month

Childcare Director will determine availability and cost for childcare on non-school days per KDHE regulations.


After School Program

(K-5th grade from the end of school until 5:30pm)
ASP fees are no longer prorated for the months of August, December, and March. This has already been calculated in the monthly fees.


Fees for all students

Annual Books/Classroom Materials/Technology Fee: $200.00
(Technology fees are for diagnostic testing software of students to monitor their progress. This fee also includes a MCS yearbook for grades PreK-8.)

PTO Dues: $10.00 per family

Daily Breakfast: K-8 $1.70
Daily Lunch: K-8th $3.00  Adults $3.65  Extra Milk $.65
(Students may bring their own sack lunch.)


Payment Options

Plan A: Yearly (August)
Plan B: Semi-annually (August, January)
Plan C: Quarterly (August, November, February, and May)
Plan D: 10 Months (August-May)
All Tuition Payments are due on or before the 20th of the month as listed above


Student Enrollment


MCS Enrollment for the 2018-19 school year will be on Thursday, July 19th in the Luckey gym from 9 am - 1pm and 4 - 7pm. 

1. Turn in completed required forms - See Information Below
2. Make automatic payment arrangements and sign a tuition agreement. 
3. Pay book fees ($200 per child) and PTO dues ($10 per family) with a check or cash.
4. Review and update student information

Parents/guardians will receive: 

  • Information on PTO and Booster Club

  • Uniform Exchange Cabinet with used uniforms for sale

  • Pre-Payment for lunches

  •   School Supply list 17-18 


 •    •    •    •    •    •   •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    • 

Required forms for all students (click title to download each form):

              New Form:  Student medical information form for all students that replaces part of our old form.

              New Form:  Replaces part of our old Medical Information Form.  This form authorizes release and/or  receive  

              confidential information in event of emergencies.              

  • Use of the Internet Agreement (1 per student)
    needed for any student using the internet or technological equipment on school property.
  • Photo/Video Release  (1 per family)
    This is for the use of a child's photo or video in various media settings. This may be updated in the office at any time.
  • Fall Volunteer Sign-Up  (1 per family or per volunteer)
    Sign up to help with various fundraising and other MCS events scheduled for the 1st semester.
  • Bus Transportation  (OPTIONAL - 1 per student)
    Needed only if your child will be riding the school bus at any time during the school year. Please call 785-587-2190 for bus routes and information.

 •    •    •    •    •    •   •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    • 

Additional required forms for NEW students (click title to download each form):

  •   Pre-Registration Form with 3yr old-8th 2018-19 - Revised March 2018.docx     (1 per family if you have not pre-registered)
    This form provides emergency contacts, email, address & phone numbers vital to your student. 
  •  Ethnicity Letter and form.pdf  (1 per family, if all the same race and ethnicity, 1 per student if different)
    Provides race and ethnicity categories set by the federal government and KSDE.
  • Health Assessment/Physical (1 per student)
    When entering MCS, a student must have a physical performed within 12 months or school entry, or within 90 days of school entry.
  • Records Release (if attended a previous school, 1st-8th grade):
    Allows MCS to request records from a school previously attended by the student.

 •    •    •    •    •    •   •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    • 

Other Forms (if needed):

  • Authorize to dispense medications (prescription OR non-prescription):
    If your child needs to have ANY medication - prescription (including inhalers) or over-the-counter(Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, etc.) - dispensed at school, this form needs to be on file in the office. All prescription medications must be in the original container with complete student name, date filled, and name of licensed physician who wrote the prescription.
  •  Food Allergy Form_19B_2018-19.pdf  
    If your child has a food allergy or needs dietary modifications because of a medical condition, disability, etc., this form must be submitted each year to the lunchroom. Please read over the complete Food Modification Policy before completing the form.
  •  2019_Household_Application_Packet.doc   

             This is the Free and Reduced Lunch application.  Please complete this form and submit it to Mrs. Goff.



 •    •    •    •    •    •   •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    •    • 

Junior High (Grades 6-8) Additional Forms & Information:

  •  KSHSAA Sports Physical.pdf If your student will be participating in ANY sport, the student must have a completed KSHSAA (Kansas High School Activities Association) sports physical form (dated after May 1, 2017) on file before they will be allowed to practice. 6th grade students are advised to get their physical done during the summer. Print out 4 page form below. All pages must be completed and signed.
  •  Concussion Release Form.docx You must complete the Jr. High concussion form before your student will be allowed to practice. Please attach this form to the Sports Physical. Both Student and Parent must sign the form.
  • Physical Education Shirts
    Jr. High Physical Education classes are required to have a Luckey Jr. High P.E. shirt.  Order form for PE shirts will be available at enrollment day.
  • Grades 6-8 Class Electives
    Elective choices for 2018-19 are due in the office by August 5, 2016.  Forms are available at registration.