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Community Service

Complete your Community Service Form here.

As part of your religion grade, each student will be required to perform six hours (90 minutes each quarter) of community service. Serving at mass will only count as 60 minutes. These hours must be done in the community and not part of any activity during school hours or activities associated with projects done for the extended family. These hours are also counted towards the 20 hours for the Citizenship and Community Service Award. All community service hours will be turned into the Religion/Homeroom teacher, not the office. The Religion teacher will instruct and help the students to understand the importance of developing an attitude of service. They will help by giving good examples for community service and by reflecting in class on what makes a good community service project. (See the student-parent handbook for further clarification.)


Community Service Award for Grades 6-8

Each student who meets 20 or more hours of community service with a minimum of 5 different types of activities will be presented an award with the following levels:

  • Gold: 60+ hours
  • Silver: 40-59 hours
  • Bronze: 20-39 hours

The community service hours are individual hours that the student volunteers, without pay to help someone in the parishes or community. Community service hours must have the principal’s approval. There will be a form to use to turn these hours into the homeroom teacher. If there are any questions, it is advisable to get prior approval from the principal. These hours may not be done in the student’s own home. Hours need to be turned in immediately following the completion of the service hours. All community service hours must be turned in by May 1st of the school year. Hours turned in after this date will not be counted for any awards. The following hours are examples of hours that may not be used as community service hours for this award: class projects, hours that will also be used for confirmation hours, or hours during school time. Volunteer hours for baby-sitting for school functions, and helping at family fun night, or Buttons and Bows may count.


Student Council

MCS Student Council is made up of class representatives from 6th, 7th and 8th grades. They meet regularly and participate in service projects, such as recycling of paper and plastic, wrapping and delivering presents through Catholic Charities, delivering food to the Parish Center, and more.

MCS Student Council 2022-2023

President: Samantha Troyer (8th)

Vice President: Hadley Minnich (8th)

8th Grade Representatives: Landon Kerr & Rafaeli Rebegila 

7th Grade Representatives: Bralynn Brockman, Bryleigh Brockman, Charles Fuemmeler, & Eleanor Irvine

6th Grade Representatives: Kendall Feldkamp, Susanna Fuemmeler, Mila Rebegila, & Opal Tremblay 



Student - Parent Handbook