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Principal's Corner

Dear Parents and Students,

The school year has started off very well!  Students are busy at work learning educational standards needed to be successful.  They have adjusted into routines and are performing very well.  We have many new programs this year.  Students currently are taking online Iowa Tests.  These have been paper and pencil in the past but are taken on the computers this year.  We will get results the day after testing takes place.  Very exciting!  We can evaluate programs or content areas that need to be corrected earlier.  We can see where the student needs are quicker as well.  We are also certifying teachers on Fastbridge Learning this year.  This replaces MAP and DIBELS  testing we have been taking.  Fastbridge Learning has an early reading inventory and a social/emotional inventory to be utilized by our counselor.  We will start giving these tests the second semester.  Grades 3-5 have a new  Wonders reading series.  Wonders was implemented K-2 last year.  It is a very extensive and rigorous  language arts program. 

We wish to thank the supporters of MCS on their kind donations in the past.  The chromebooks purchased last year for grades 4-8 are being used daily.  They have been effective tools in the educational process and are great time savers for teachers with new Iowa, Fastbridge and State Assessments.  We would also like to thank our supporters for their support of the capital improvements made in Phase II.  The learning environment for the students is wonderful.  We are eager to finish Phase III next summer.

 We are very proud of our students at MCS.  Stuco has had a fundraiser for the NCEA Hurricane Relief efforts.  With other natural disasters, our kids are very concerned and active in helping others.  They have also continued with helping the food pantry each first Wednesday of the month.  We are happy to allow a free dress day for a can of food donation.  Stuco also recycles paper every Friday during the school year.  Students are volunteering more than I've seen in the past for very many activities.  It's exciting to see!

The 100 Year Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima is October 13.  Our 8th grade class under the supervision of class sponsor, Aaron Brockman, will conduct a Rosary for the community and students of MCS at 12:30 pm at Seven Dolors Church.  All are welcome.  The following week, our parents lead the school Rosary on Wednesday October 18.  This is an annual event for the month of the Rosary.

October is a busy month.  We have the Knights of Columbus Chicken BBQ on October 1 and  the MCS Annual Auction is Saturday, October 7.  Please check the calendar for other activities.  Please attend and support MCS!

Mr. Scott Hulshoff