• Meet the Teacher Picnic

    Seven Dolors Knights of Columbus will feed the school students and their families in the grade school gym.
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  • Assumption of Mary

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  • First Day of School

    Welcome to the 2016-17 school year! Students will be dismissed at 11 a.m.
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  • 1st Day of Tu/Th 3yr old class and 5day PreK

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The 2016-2017 school year begins on Wednesday, August 17. We look forward to seeing you!



Enrollment for 2016-17

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Thursday, July 28th
MCS grade school gym

9 am - 1pm AND 4 - 7pm

Enrollment for all grades (Pre-K-8)

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See the admissions page for forms and information.

For questions, contact the school office at 785-565-5050.


Principal's corner

Dear Community and Guests,

The renovations to the school look wonderful.  New 3-pane windows from Manko not only look great, but will save utility bills!  The new facia, gutters, and roof repairs have been completed as well so progress is being made.  The new windows in the elementary gym are fantastic.  Fr. Kerry  did a great job selecting stained glass pictures from the churches to be etched into the glass for the school.   Although you can see them from the road, they look even better from inside the building with the light shining on them.  Come in a see them, the religious depictions are a wonderful addition to our Catholic school.  All three Catholic churches are represented in the windows.

We are moving forward with window installation next summer in the Luckey building.  Other renovations will be completed next summer as well.  The Building Renovation Committee has met twice this past month and will have more meetings this semester to finalize plans for completion.  We have more decisions to be made before we proceed.   

We completed enrollment for the upcoming school year July 28.  If you were on vacation, please call the office to set an appointment to enroll.  If you are new to the community or want to tour our facilities, please contact the office at 785-565-5050 to set an appointment with the principal or childcare director.  We register and enroll students at any time.

Not only are we upgrading our facilities, we have implemented new programs to our school.  We hired a counselor last year at MCS.  Erica Lieneman is working with students and teaching character education classes.  She is also Olweus coordinator for the anti-bullying program implemented last year.  This year we have hired a STEM Coordinator to our staff.  Colleen Hampton will work with teachers implementing strategies to increase enthusiasm in the science field, conduct lessons in science for all of the students and develop a resource page for parents. Sharon Davis has been hired to re-start our FACS program in grades 6-8.  Bettina Boller is back to teach Drama.

We just received our state assessment scores this week.  I will be publicizing them soon.  They are really good!!!  Not only do we focus on our Faith at MCS, our academics are top-notch.  Our kids score very high because of the dedication of Faith-filled teachers we have at the school.  We have smaller class sizes (average 17 per class), effective Student Improvement Team, improved technology and resources for special education and gifted programs.  The public schools are putting over 25 students in a class, some are 32 in a room! With all we have to offer, MCS is a great choice for your child.  If you are Catholic, you should be in our school.  If you are not Catholic, you are welcome to join the 15% of our students that are not Catholic as well.  They know that we make a difference in their student's life!

Give me a call!!!

Mr. Hulshoff