STEM Resources for Parents and Students

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MCS STEM Activities

Student Activities:

                “Future City” – Colleen Hampton is teaching a semester elective course for Jr. High students.  They will compete at KSU in January in the design of a city.  MCS will have a KSU Professor mentor the students.

                4th Grade – Slime Mold Activity

                5th Grade – Chemistry & Physics Activity

                4th Grade – Gardening – Soil Temperature Measurement

                1st Grade – Construction (inspired by initial professional development)

                3rd Grade – Water Absorption in Plants

                7th Grade – Advanced Slime Mold Activity

                5th Grade – Roller Coaster Activity



                “Future City” Jr. High Elective class went to Blue Earth Plaza for The Power of Public Space competition they will be involved in at KSU.

                4-H Extension Program helped with the planting of a garden.

                KSU Entomology Club will have an Insect Presentation on October 13, 2016.

                Doc Gizmo Science Theatre scheduled for October 19, 2016.  Presentation includes 20 discrepant event science demos.