Fundraising Events @ MCS


Throughout the year Manhattan Catholic Schools hosts special fundraising events. These fundraisers support our operating budget, special projects, enhanced learning programs, and much more for MCS. The public is always welcome to attend these events — each one is a unique and special opportunity to celebrate Catholic education through fellowship. Fundraising helps to make our school an affordable one for everyone. Fundraising supplements around $1100 per child.  If you are ever interested in learning more about our fundraising opportunities please reach out to Ashley O'Haver at any time. 

Each major fundraising event is supported by a volunteer committee and supported by donations from generous individuals and community businesses. You're invited to learn more about each one below:

  •  August- KSU Parking lot passes for our prepaid parking lot. This fundraiser typically brings MCS $25, 000. The money from this fundraiser goes to our booster club to pay for all of our Jr. High sporting activities.  
  •  October-Our Annual Auction. This event has been around for over 37 years. The money raised from the auction goes into our operating budget to keep tuition down. 
  • November- The Annual Fund Drive begins and runs all school year. This money also goes into our operating budget. Annual spaghetti dinner. A fellowship building event for the whole community. The money from this dinner helps to keep our families from doing small fundraisers like candy bars. #igivecatholic is also held this month, this money is also put into our annual fund drive campaign. 
  • December- We partner with Texas Roadhouse and sell gift cards with the restaurant. 10% of the money raised comes back to the school. 
  • February/March-Shrove Tuesday pancake dinner, this is similar to our spaghetti dinner. Another fellowship opportunity and a night you won't have to cook dinner. 
  • February/March- Grandparents day. This is just a day at the school where grandparents and friends can come see the amazing work the students do all year. 
  • April-  Grow green is a match day fundraiser hosted by the greater Manhattan community foundation. The funds raised for this one goes into our endowment fund, however the match is given directly to the school to use. 
  • June- The golf tournament is held this month.  This event has been going on for 33 years now. We rotate between the different courses in Manhattan and the funds for this event go into our operating budget as well.